Travis Scott

Travis Scott (30) has performed at the Astroworld Festival for the first time since the drama. ‘TMZ’ reports that the artist gave a short show at a house party in Bel Air, California.

At the party where the rapper gave a show, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Venus and Serena Williams were also present. A video that appeared on social media on Sunday morning shows Scott rapping his song Sicko Mode .

At the Astroworld Festival in Houston, USA, where 50,000 people attended, ten festival-goers were killed in early November and dozens were injured by crowding on the field. How the situation got so out of hand during the festival is still being investigated.

Fans tried to get Travis’s attention during his performance in the hopes of stopping the show, but the rapper was clueless. “When you hear something like that, you want to stop immediately. You always want the fans to be okay,” he said in a comment earlier. “But I haven’t heard anything about it.”

Travis and event organizer Live Nation are being sued for millions of dollars by relatives of the victims. It is not yet known whether the rapper can actually be found guilty because he was performing his performance when the accident happened.