Sean Penn

Sean Penn (61) supports Amy Schumer (40)’s idea of ​​having President Volodimir Zelenski (44) give a speech at the Oscars ceremony. In a conversation on news channel CNN, the actor even called for a boycott if it does not happen.

“The most obscene decision in cinema history”

Amy is one of the presenters of the Oscar ceremony on Sunday evening. Earlier this week, she proposed that the Ukrainian president give a speech, but Sean said the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences had decided not to give the president any speaking time. “If so, that’s the most obscene decision in movie history,” Sean said. He then called for a boycott of the award ceremony.

The actor understands that it would be difficult for many nominees not to attend, but Sean says the event is more than just a moment for people in the film industry to celebrate their success. It is also a time to protest.

Sean, who has won two Oscars himself, met Zelensky in Ukraine in February. He was in the country to make a documentary about the tensions due to the impending invasion of Russia.

During the conversation on CNN, the actor also talked about the humanitarian work his organization is doing in Eastern Europe. The CORE foundation tries to help fleeing Ukrainians. Last week, Sean was in Krakow to talk to authorities in the Polish city about the reception of refugees who had crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border.