Director Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis, who wrote the script of the romantic comedy Love Actually, will collaborate on a new film.


It will be a musical comedy that takes place in the sixties or seventies, reports The Hollywood Reporter Thursday. 

The intention is that the recordings start this summer. Boyle takes over the direction and Curtis will write the scenario. 

Earlier it was rumored that the  Trainspotting director was the top favorite to direct the new James Bond film. According to insiders, the comedy becomes the upcoming project of Boyle. Should he nevertheless board the Bond project, the production of this film would be postponed until the end of 2019.

Curtis is known for his writing of well-received romantic comedies such as Four Weddings and a funeral and Bridget Jones’ Diary. In addition to the two Trainspotting films, Boyle also produced Slumdog Millionaire (for which he won an Oscar) and 28 Days Later.