The Lizzie McGuire days are long behind her. Hilary Duff (34) graces the latest cover of the American magazine ‘Womens Health’ and she wears nothing but a smile.

“I’m proud it has produced three children for me”

There is no stylist involved for the body issue of the magazine: Hilary has taken off all her clothes to allow herself to be photographed in the best possible positions. Something she found quite exciting, she says.

At seventeen, the actress had a ‘terrible eating disorder’, now she is proud of her body that has borne and given birth to three children. “I am proud that it has produced three children for me. I am at peace with the changes my body has gone through.”

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She also likes to keep it real. In the months leading up to the shoot, she trained for an hour four times a week. In addition, Hilary received the necessary help on set. “I also want people to know that a makeup artist put a glow all over my body and someone put me in the most flattering position.”

In addition to working out at the gym, Hilary has another secret for her toned figure: On off-the-iron days, she keeps moving by walking and playing tennis. “I slept better and I felt better,” the actress explains.