An Amtrak railroad train derailed on a rush hour railway bridge in Washington State. It was part of a new transportation program. The sheriff’s office evokes deaths and injuries.

A train from Tacoma derailed on Dec. 18 in Dupont, Pierce County, Washington, USA. The accident took place at rush hour, at 7:40 am local time, the train was carrying 83 passengers. Three people were reportedly killed, according to Seattle TV KCPQ , and 77 were reportedly taken to hospital. At least one car fell off the railway bridge on the road below. The damage is such that the traffic has been blocked.




The sheriff of Pierce observed in a tweet that there were “wounded and victims”. He later confirmed the deaths of several people, without specifying the number.

He later tweeted pictures of the accident.

A train passenger, a member of a Pierce County Transportation Commission, Chris Karnes, tweeted a photo of the accident.


He said the passengers had to break the windows to get out of the train because the emergency exits were not working properly.

County officials said several cars were struck by the train at the time of the derailment. Several bikers were injured but no deaths were reported among them.