Very annoyed by the words of Matt Damon, Alyssa Milano posted a message to the actor on Twitter.

The confessions of Matt Damon disturb. In an interview with ABC, the actor was very talkative about the hashtag #MeToo and the denounced and accused celebrities. In particular, he found that there is “a range of behaviors” and that “there is a difference between giving a pat on the ass and rape or sexual assault on a child”. According to him, all these behaviors must be “denounced, but not associated”.

The comments of the actor were strongly criticized on the networks. In a series of tweets, Alyssa Milano was keen to answer the star: “Dear Matt Damon, every little detail is important. We are in a “culture of outrage” because the scale of this rage is blatant. And she is justified. I have been the victim of every spectrum of the spectrum of sexual harassment you mention. They hurt everyone. And they are all linked to a commonplace, accepted and sometimes well-received patriarchy mixed with misogyny, “ she wrote. And to add:“We are outraged because we have been forced to shut up for so long. There are different phases in cancer. Some are more likely to be treated than others. But it’s still a cancer. Sexual harassment, inappropriate behavior, assault and violence are systemic diseases. The tumor is being removed now, without anesthesia. Thank you to send flowers. #MeToo.




As a reminder, Alyssa Milano is one of the stars at the origin of the hashtag #MeToo, an initiative that serves to realize the extent of the problem of sexual abuse in the world. The actress is therefore very committed to the fight against harassment and sexual assault!