Tommy Lee continues the charges against his son Brandon. The rocker wants to sue his son for an assault. 


According to TMZ , Tommy Lee is of the opinion that a too soft approach to his son completely ruined the upbringing. If Brandon ends up in jail because of the indictment, according to Lee this is ‘his own fault’.

Father and son have a fight because Brandon would have given his father a hit after which the rocker would have been knocked out. Images of this would then have been forwarded by Brandon to his mother Pamela Anderson. The former Baywatch star denies that.

On Friday Anderson tried to appease things. She called on the drummer to leave the case and said that Brandon had gone through the ribbon because of “all the misery” that Lee brought into the lives of his son and his ex.

Lee is angry with Anderson in his turn because his ex-wife tries to influence their son Anderson claims that Lee beat her during their marriage in the 90s.