The power outage in Amsterdam, which started Friday morning, is over after more than a day. That has been reported by grid operator Liander.


At the height were 28,000 households in Amsterdam South and parts of the center without electricity, Saturday morning early that was reduced to three thousand.

Especially the last two hundred connections took a long time, but shortly after 12.00 the message came that the power supply had been restored everywhere.

The power went off at 10.30 on Friday morning. The reason for this was excavation work on the DaniĆ«l Stalpertstraat where an electricity cable was hit. Trams stopped.

On the Weteringschans two men were wounded by a flame. They were taken to the hospital.


The Rijksmuseum had to be evacuated and remained closed for the rest of the Friday. On Saturday the museum opened again according to plan. The trams are not yet running according to schedule.

Households who have been without electricity for more than four hours automatically receive compensation from Liander, they do not have to do anything.