While the world is discussing the black mermaid, Marvel fans should also be prepared for the shocking changes of the canon. For example, recently playing the role of Peter Parker Tom Holland supported the idea of ​​making Spider-Man gay.

“Spider-Man: Away from Home” was a great start at the box office and shows excellent box office and high marks from viewers and critics. But only a few years ago, not everyone believed that the next restart of the movie comics would be able to conquer the fans of the character. Sony’s “Through the Universes” project was also conquered by the fans, where viewers were introduced to black Spider-Man Miles Morales. And now journalists are interested in the answer to the question: should a Spider with a non-traditional sexual orientation be expected in the future?

Tom Holland replied to this in a conversation with The Times: “I cannot argue about the future of my hero, because I simply do not know, and this is not in my hands. But I know a lot about the future of the Universe of Marvel, and in the next few years there will be many different characters in it. The world is much more diverse than a simple white heterosexual guy. He is not limited to this, so films should represent not only the mentioned type. ”

Although the actor reacted positively to the possibility of making Spider-Man gay, most likely, the audience will be presented with individual characters with a non-traditional orientation. So, in any case, Kevin Faigi once said: “We are not ashamed to say that in the future we will have superheroes who are representatives of the LGBT community.”