Director of photography on some of the greatest films in the history of French cinema ( The Army of Shadows , The Mom and the Whore ), Pierre Lhomme died at the age of 89 years.

Privileged collaborator of Alain Cavalier – with whom he began his career as a cinematographer in 1958 on An American -, by Marguerite Duras ( The Negative Hands , Aurélia Steiner , Le Navire Night ) by Jean-Paul Rappeneau ( La Vie de château , The Wild , All fire, all flame  and  Cyrano de Bergerac, which will earn him the Caesar of the best photography in 1991), Pierre Lhomme was illustrated during the second half of the twentieth century as one of the greatest French master chefs, alongside Ghislain Cloquet, Henri Decaë, Bruno Nuytten, William Lubtchansky or Raoul Coutard.

He will work more punctually with Chris Marker (with whom he will co-direct A pretty ma i), Robert Bresson ( Four nights of a dreamer ), Philippe de Broca ( The King of hearts ), Jean-Pierre Melville (twilight  L ‘ Army of the shadows , perhaps his most beautiful job as director of photography) and especially Jean Eustache (the sublime black and white of  The Mom and the Whore and  A dirty story ).

In 2014, the students of Louis Lumière School (Pierre Lhomme was a graduate) had organized a meeting with Pierre Lhomme. Some excerpts of this masterclass enamelled the portrait of Marion Langlois, for the site of the Cinémathèque française  – Cinémathèque which had paid tribute to him in 2008.