Victoria Beckham , 45 , who yesterday celebrated her 20th birthday with her husband, David , shot for the August issue of the German edition of Vogue.

The cover appeared online just a few minutes ago. On it the ex-singer, and now the designer poses semi-nude, hiding behind a checkered jacket.

The author of the photo was Chris Colls, who, by the way, also shot three covers of the recent environmental issue of Elle magazine, the heroines of which were Naomi Campbell , Gisele Bundchen and Doutzen Creuse . For Victoria’s makeup, her beauty brand products were used.

But the main theme of the photo shoot, as one can understand from the words of the chief editor of the magazine Christian Arp, was the image of a woman in a business pantsuit.

From Sarah Bernard in the 19th century, through Marlene Dietrich and Katherine Hepburn in the 20th century to Cara Delevingne in the 21st century – the history of women’s pantsuit has always been a history of emancipation. And today remains, perhaps, the most fashionable statement of the feminist movement,

– wrote Arp in her letter to the editor.