After months and months of teasing, photos, accidents and posters, the new Mission: Impossible finally shows us what it holds. And, once is not custom, it’s rather explosive.

When we look back, the path traveled by the Mission: Impossible franchise  is pretty impressive. Since the first film, the saga has completely reinvented itself without ever losing its identity by creating ever more crazy films than others. In other words, this Fallout is particularly expected, especially after a very high level Rogue Nation.

It was therefore with great pleasure that we learned that Christopher McQuarrie was back behind the camera for this new adventure that will follow immediately after the previous one. Indeed, the trailer we discovered after the Super Bowl shows Solomon Lane, the bad-guy of the previous, in the hands of the IMF, triggering a race against the clock across the world for Ethan Hunt and his potos, in which the CIA decides to put his grain of salt.

We suspected that the first goal of the film was to put us in full view and this first trailer already largely fulfills his contract as crazy sequences are linked to a furious pace. Once again, Tom Cruise has given everything, not hesitating to take all risks (as the many accidents he experienced on film proving it) and, opposite,  Henry Cavill (and his now famous mustache) seems to be a good antagonist of choice.

It is useless to talk longer about this film, the release of which is scheduled for August 1, we know very well why you clicked on this article. It’s to watch the video. So we leave you alone, we will remater again. Strongly this summer.