Reche Caldwell, whom Tom Brady had rubbed shoulders with when they both played at the New England Patriots, was 41 years old. The victim of an armed robbery, he was shot and unfortunately did not survive.

The sad news this beginning of the week concerns Reche Caldwell . The former American football player died last weekend after an armed robbery. Tom Brady , in mourning, paid tribute to his former partner.

Reche Caldwell’s death was announced by TMZ Sports . The American website reveals that the former American football player was killed on Saturday June 6, 2020, in Tampa, Florida, ( where Tom Brady recently settled ). The deceased was preparing to leave his home with his partner and went to retrieve a jacket when several people, armed, fell on him. Hidden in the bushes, the criminals tried to steal it. Shots were fired. Reche Caldwell was shot in the chest and one leg.

Taken to hospital, he was pronounced dead.

Also according to TMZ Sports, the authorities believe that Reche Caldwell was a chosen target of this armed robbery. An investigation has been launched.

Reche Caldwell (real name Donald Reche Caldwell Jr.) was the receiver. He played at the highest level, in the NFL, with the San Diego Chargers (now Los Angeles Chargers), the New England Patriots , where he had worked with Tom Brady, the Washington Redskins and finally the Rams of Saint-Louis.

Tom Brady paid tribute to him in his Instagram story by posting two photos of his ex-colleague. The Redskins also said goodbye to their former missing player.