The University of “Johns Hopkins” reported that the average daily cases of coronavirus in the world decreased from 119.1 thousand yesterday to 108.1 thousand today, bringing the total to 7 million and 121,126 cases.

According to the university’s counter, the global death toll from the virus rose to 406,570, while 3 million and 292,675 people have recovered from the disease since the start of the pandemic.

The United States remains at the forefront of the countries most affected by the epidemic, with more than one million and 961.1 thousand cases recorded, followed by Brazil (707.4 thousand) and Russia (485.2 thousand after adding toll on Tuesday).

Among the most affected Arab countries are Saudi Arabia (105.2 thousand infected), Qatar (70.1 thousand), the Emirates (39.3 thousand), Egypt (35.4 thousand) and Kuwait (32.5 thousand).