The other day, rapper TI gave a very personal interview in which he admitted that every year he checks to see if his daughter has lost her virginity. The father is very proud that his 18-year-old heiress is still innocent. It is not surprising that the excessive frankness of the musician did not please Deia herself.

The girl unsubscribed from her father on Instagram, and also “liked” the tweets, in which TI was called “disgusting”, “owner” and “obsessed with control”. However, Deya did not take out the showdown with her dad for all to see, apparently, a serious conversation took place behind closed doors.

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But TI’s colleagues in the hip-hop scene could not contain their indignation. For example, Iggy Azalea demanded that the rapper seek help from specialists.

He has serious problems with controlling women in all aspects of his life, he clearly needs therapy,

– the singer wrote on Twitter. But later still removed the angry message.

Ordinary users of social networks also did not pass by the unpleasant situation in which Deia found herself, and sent her rays of their sincere support. “So sorry that you have to go through the fact that your personal life has become public,” writes the subscriber. “All this is wrong. Your body belongs only to you, and not to someone else, ”adds another.