Mark Wahlberg will probably play a role in the film Uncharted, based on the eponymous computer game. Variety reports that the discussions with the actor and the film company are almost complete.

Earlier it was announced that Tom Holland took on the role of Nathan Drake. Wahlberg will portray Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan, an American treasure hunter and businessman, as well as a friend, mentor and father of Drake.

Ironically, 48-year-old Wahlberg was in the race to play Drake years ago when director David O. Russell wanted to make a movie of the game. The project is now at Sony and Travis Knight has been appointed as director. Wahlberg indicated earlier that he would like to participate in this new version.

Uncharted is a popular adventure game that revolves around Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter who travels all over the world to solve historical mysteries. The series now consists of five games. The first part, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, was released in 2007 and has been sold more than 41 million times.

Wahlberg has a busy year ahead with this role. For example, he plays in the Netflix thriller Wonderland , he plays a role in the family drama Good Joe Bell and he is currently recording the fantasy film Infinite .

Exactly when the film will be released is not yet known.