Actress Tiffany Haddish witnessed at the end of last year how another actress – of whom she does not want the name – snapped Beyoncé in the face. 


The 38-year-old Haddish was just like Beyoncé at an after party after a Jay-Z concert, when the actress put her teeth into the singer.

“Beyoncé stormed away,” says Haddish, known from  Girls Trip , to  GQ . “She ran to Jay-Z and told him what had happened, a Beyoncé friend walked past and said,” Can you believe that bitch bitten Beyoncé? ”

Haddish met the singer a few times that evening and made it clear to her that she would like to teach the actress a lesson. “She said,” Tiffany, do not do that, she has drugs, she is not even drunk, she normally does not act like that. ” 

A Beyoncé spokesperson can not confirm the story. “I can not respond to this, because I do not know anything about this.”