Paris Hiltons panic at the end of Friday night (local time). The hotel lady in Miami danced so wildly that her very expensive engagement ring flew from her finger.

 After a chaotic search, the enormous diamond turned out to be in a champagne cooler.

According to eyewitnesses, Hilton was hysterical when she realized that she had lost her engagement ring. The socialite had her perspective Chris Zylka and an army of security guards searching for the ring, which is said to be worth about 2 million dollars (more than 1.6 million euros).

“People searched hard, people crawled on the floor, under the tables, looked under the feet of other visitors and under chairs,” an eyewitness told Page Six. According to him, it is “a miracle” that the engagement ring has been found.

To Cry

The blonde kept crying, even when the piece of jewelry was fished two tables away from a champagne cooler. Only when the ring was around her finger, did the 37-year-old calm down somewhat.

The 32-year-old Zylka went to his knees early this year during a skiing holiday in Aspen. Hilton previously said she had no idea when she was getting married. “It’s going to happen this year.”