Joss Whedon warned Gadot that it could ruin her acting career forever.

The threat that Gal Gadot received from director Joss Whedon comes to light, who warned it could ruin her acting career forever.

It is known that the arrival of Whedon to ‘The League of Justice’ caused many problems, as the actors and the production team expressed the mistreatment received by him, and the changes he made in the script of the characters.

Regarding Gal Gadot ‘Wonder Woman’, Whedon took a very arrogant and aggressive attitude, as revealed by actor Ray Fisher: “He threatened to damage Gadot’s career, and belittled the director of ‘Wonder Woman’ Patty Jenkins” he commented to The Hollywood Reporter, a medium to whom a member of the production also said: “Joss bragged about having convinced Gadot to abide by the changes he made, he told her that he was the writer and that she was going to shut up and say the lines. He claimed that he could make her look incredibly stupid in this movie. “

Gal Gadot has declined to elaborate on the bad experience he had with Joss Whedon, only commenting: “It was not my best experience, but I took action when it happened. I took it to the superiors and they took care of it ”.