Actor Sylvester Stallone will not return in part three of the series of Creed films, according to The Hollywood Reporter . This makes it the first film in the Rocky universe in which Rocky (Stallone) himself cannot be seen.

The news came out after an Instagram post in which Stallone himself suggested his absence. A spokesperson for the 74-year-old actor has not provided further details on the news.

The Rocky films follow the highs and lows in the life of boxer Rocky Balboa. The series shifted the focus in the last two films, Creed and Creed II, to the son of his good friend who also wants to pursue a career as a boxer. Stallone received an Oscar nomination for his role in the first part.

The third Creed film, directed by Michael B. Jordan, is set to hit theaters in late 2022. The actor himself could be seen in the first and second parts.