Germany has exceeded 7,500 deaths with coronavirus and has more than 170,000 positive cases

Thousands of people have gathered this Saturday in various German cities to protest against restrictions imposed by the country’s government to contain the  coronavirus , among which are the ban on demonstrations with more than fifty people.

The protest has gathered around three thousand people in the Marienplatz square in Munich, and several thousand protesters in Stuttgart. As for the capital, Berlin, it has concentrated hundreds of people, causing  several arrests , especially in the surroundings of the Reichtag building. 

Police have recalled through their Twitter account that “it is not allowed” and have urged protesters to abandon the rallies . “Many of the people do not see reason and remain in the place, some have climbed the Fountain of Friendship of the peoples and throw bottles from the crowd at our colleagues,” the security forces have denounced, referring to a protest in the vicinity of Alexanderplatz square.

Given this, the agents have also taken the personal data of the protesters who have not complied with the rules of hygiene and distance and who did not leave the place despite the orders of the police.

Germany has surpassed  the  7,500 dead with coronavirus  and has more than 170,000 positive cases . The Minister of Health assured that the country, which declared a state of emergency in mid-March, has the coronavirus outbreak “under control” so that on April 20, large shops, workshops, bookstores and hairdressers were opened.

On May 6, the Government also eased some restriction measures , but still maintains others such as social distancing and the limitation to concentrations.