The singer had suffered several health problems in recent years, although the reason for his death is unknown.

‘Little Richard’, one of the fathers of rock and roll, dies at 87
The main themes with which Little Richard made his hips move his fans

Rock and Roll fans have been somewhat orphaned this weekend after the death of Richard Penniman, known as Little Richard , at age 87 . The considered one of the parents of this musical genre died this Saturday for reasons still unknown, although it is known that in recent years he suffered several health problems such as a stroke or heart attack. Among his great musical successes, singles such as Tutti Frutti or Rip It Up stand out , which conquered crowds in the 50s in the United States and around the world.

Born Richard Penniman in Georgia in 1932, this rock pioneer would have stood out at any time, but in the 1950s when he rose to fame, he was like no other: a flamboyant, makeup pianist who embodied “devil music” in the opinion of those who ran the popular music business.

Elvis Presley was one thing, but despite all his pelvic movements and combed-back hair and the appearance of a juvenile delinquent, deep down he was an educated southern boy who loved his dad. Little Richard, however… well, he may have come from a large southern family, but he represented something else.

Richard opened the door. He brought the races together, “arranger HB Barnum said in Charles White’s 1984 biography” The Life and Times of Little Richard. “