Angelina Jolie has not long pleased fans with new roles, but the actress decided to postpone care of children for a while and return to work. The star of “Lara Croft” has subscribed to participate in the thriller Taylor Sheridan – the creator of “Windy River” and “Any Price.” The film was tentatively titled Those Who Wish Me Dead.

In the center of the story, based on the book of the same name by Michael Korita, will be a teenager, James Wilson, who witnessed a brutal murder. He enters the witness protection program and his life is changing dramatically. James is undergoing a course of survival in the wilds of Montana, when two killers come out on his trail. They do not spare anyone in their path, and the boy has nothing left to do but to run. At the same time, the forests of Montana are covered by a powerful fire.

Angelina Jolie will get the role of the watchtower of the fire tower, the only one on a vast deserted territory. A brave woman will put out the fire and will come to the defense of the boy.

The shooting of the action tape “Those who wish me dead” will start in May.