kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner (24) and Travis Scott (30) decided this week to change the name of their son, because they don’t think Wolf fits the little guy. Since that announcement, fans have been speculating about it. That’s what they think the six-week-old baby will be named.

“We just didn’t feel like this name suited him”

“Just for your information, our son’s name is no longer Wolf. We just didn’t feel like this name suited him. I just wanted to share this because I see the name Wolf everywhere,”

Kylie said on Instagram on Monday. She did not say what the name of her six-week-old baby was. Luckily the fans don’t need her to find out. They are sure: the baby is now called Jacques. That would be a tribute to Father Travis, whose real name is also Jacques.

The fans don’t have a good reason to think this, but they don’t doubt it: ‘He was born on 22/2/22 and his middle name is Jacques, so I’m going for the name Jacques Deuce’, someone wrote. “I vote for Jack. It always had to be Jacques’, someone else responds.

Whether Jacques really became their son’s name remains to be seen. Kylie is known for keeping her private affairs a secret for a long time. We do know her four-year-old daughter’s name: Stormi.

Watch the video Travis and Kylie dedicated to their son below: