Since he retired in 2010, James Bond actor Sean Connery (89) has virtually disappeared into anonymity. To celebrate his birthday, his daughter-in-law Fiona Ufton shared a photo with Connery. The actor now looks a lot older, but is still very recognizable. 

In 2010, Sean Connery announced that the time had come to finally retire. “I think I’ll never act again,” he noted. “I have many good memories, but those days are over.” And since then the actor has rarely been seen in the open. During the same period, rumors about the health of the legendary 007 actor also began to circulate. Connery would have problems with his memory and often do not know where he is. That would put extra pressure on his wife, Micheline Roquebrune, who is afraid that at some point her husband will not find his way home again. However, those rumors were never confirmed. 

A few days ago Connery celebrated his 89th birthday with son Jason and daughter-in-law Fiona Ufton. And although the age has left its mark, the actor looks pretty cheerful.