Salma Hayek has not changed and she proves it in image. This Sunday, September 1, the actress unveiled on her Instagram account a nice picture of her in a bikini.

Just 24 hours before her birthday, Salma Hayek wanted to prove that she had nothing to envy to the new youth . The Mexican-born comedian, who will star in the upcoming Marvels , The Eternals , alongside Angelina Jolie , shared a photo of her. It is in an ultra sexy bikini that the actress reveals herself. Of course, she does not do things by halfsince to be sure of being seen, she chose a very striking color. It’s in her turquoise swimsuit that Salma Hayek throws a reminder to her fans. On Monday, September 2nd, the wife of François-Henri Pinault, celebrates 53 years.

Salma Hayek still in top form

Very comfortable in her body, it is not a first for the actress of Desperado who likes to unveil on social networks . If one has the impression that time has no effect on her appearance , Salma Hayek is also fully aware of it. Besides, she likes to add the following message on her photo, ”  Yes tomorrow I’m 53 years old! So what ?  “. A provocative little sentence but especially full of malice that does not fail to rain the compliments. The followers of the international star are conquered , ”  Too beautiful  “, ”  Happy birthday beauty “Or” Happy birthday, you are sublime. An inspiration  “can we read.