If fans of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan still hoped for their reconciliation, even despite rumors of a new romance of the actor, now these dreams can be finally removed from their list. Channing and Jenna officially filed for divorce in the Los Angeles District Court.

In their address to the fans about the separation, the spouses noted that they would not like to devote others to the details of their personal lives and asked to respect their right to privacy, therefore we can learn all scandalous details only from tabloids and insiders. Western sources claim that the actors’ official statement about the divorce states that they are asking for joint custody of their daughter, Everly. They want the girl to spend the same amount of time with her mom and dad. In addition, Jenna is counting on alimony from Tatum, and also regains her old name.

Recall that the stars met during the filming of the movie “Step Forward” in 2006, where they played a loving couple. This novel has moved into real life, and in 2009 they were married. In 2013, Channing and Jenna had a daughter, but already after 5 years, in 2018, the couple announced their separation, which is, according to the stars, a joint and amicable decision.