Selena Gomez is no longer the person with the most followers on Instagram. That ‘title’ now goes to Cristiano Ronaldo, who currently has over 30,000 followers more than the singer.

With a whopping 144,335,346, the footballer is for the first time the most followed person on the social medium.

One of the reasons for this could be the temporary social media stop of Gomez, who indicated in her last post on September 23rd to take a break.


The 26-year-old pop star wrote that “she wanted to live her life in the moment for a while” and that negative comments on social media hurt. A week later, Gomez checked herself in at a clinic where she worked on her mental problems, which she had already experienced before.

Ronaldo under fire because of alleged rape case

Ronaldo was under fire recently because of an alleged rape case from 2009, but his popularity has not suffered. He posts work-related photographs and private photos almost every day. 

Last month, the German magazine  Der Spiegel published an article in which the American Kathryn Mayorga accuses the Portuguese star player of rape. That would have happened in Las Vegas in 2009.

For the police in Las Vegas, the accusation prompted the reopening of the investigation. The big question is whether that will lead to a prosecution.