AMC announced the creation of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, with a preview trailer that gives us a brief overview of the future. The Walking Dead: World Beyond will join The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead as the third show in the expanding universe they have built.

The series was teased earlier this year, but we now have real images of the characters with whom we will be spending time when the show will be presented at AMC in the spring of 2020. It shows the zombie fights you expect from a Walking Dead series, but also suggests that elements of society have been properly reconstructed as well – but the characters that appear towards the end of the trailer below also have a hint of fascism.

The new series will feature Aliyah Royale in Iris, Annet Mahendru in Huck, Alexa Mansour in Hope, Nicolas Cantu in Elton and Hal Cumpston in Silas. According to The Hollywood Reporter , he will follow the younger characters who grew up in the zombie era, but who were protected – they know the walkers, but did not have to interact with them before the events described in the series . According to Content Manager Scott M. Gimple’s instagram, the first episode will be called “Brave”.

It does not seem to necessarily connect directly to the original series, beyond being defined in the same post-zombie world. The films from the original series are still under construction . The franchise was an important year for the group, with comedic author Robert Kirkman finishing his series earlier this year after 193 issues. Back in December, The Walking Dead Telltale packed after the collapse of the developer. The TV series The Walking Dead has released the final of the tenth season of mid-season.