The actor believes that he is completely deprived of the ability to catch fear.

Not without reason Tom Hanks is nicknamed “America’s favorite.” The filmography of the 63-year-old actor is distinguished by an abundance of good-natured and sincere characters who always win the favor of the audience, whether it be Woody (“Toy Story”), Walt Disney (“Save Mr. Banks”), who has turned into an adult child (“Big”) or Forrest Gump.

However, Hanks had a chance to play negative characters, but it turns out that these roles remain as if in the shade, because in them the actor does not look so organic. It turns out that Hanks himself understands that the “bad guys” are not his profile, and the actor has a good reason for this.

A very long time ago I realized that I was not able to inspire fear in anyone. Of course, this is something completely different than being good, you know? I think I am able to create different images, but anger and hostility clearly do not correlate with me. I am not able to reveal this in myself, while the roles of bad guys usually require a certain level of hostility. I don’t think that I can achieve this effect only by pretending

Hanks admitted recently.

Despite this, Hanks once played a killer (albeit a pretty one) in the film “The Cursed Way” (2002), a crook aristocrat in the Cohen Brothers film “Gentlemen’s Games” (2004), and also a villain in the failed sci-fi thriller “Sphere” (2017), in which he was joined by Emma Watson and John Boyega. Now, however, Hanks has again returned to the screens in the image of a good man – he played Fred Rogers in the film “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.” It is possible that for this role, Hanks will be nominated for the next Oscar.