The number of people in the United States infected with the coronavirus rose to over two million on Wednesday.

According to figures from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University, 2,000,464 infections have now been confirmed. At the end of April, the US was also the first country with a million confirmed infections.

This makes the US by far the country with the most infections, in absolute numbers. Brazil follows with 772,416 registered cases of infection. No other country has reported more than half a million infections.

The United States also regrets the most deaths to date. The death toll has now risen to nearly 113,000.

Health experts argue that the reopening has led to a resurgence in the spread of the virus in many states. The fact that the number of tests in general is still increasing also contributes to the higher infection rate. An average of more than 500,000 tests per day were performed in the US in June.

Doctors expect the number of infections to increase even faster in the near future as a result of large-scale protests in recent weeks. People who have participated in a protest are called upon to be tested.