The concise series is a screen version of the 1961 satirical novel by Joseph Heller.

The debut trailer for George Clooney’s Trick-22 was published on the YouTube channel of the Hulu service. Hollywood celebrity is not only the director of the film, but also the producer and performer of one of the key roles.

The tape is a screen version of the 1961 satirical novel by Joseph Heller. It will actually be released half a century after the release of the first film based on the book, which premiered in 1970.

According to the plot of the film, the main character, Captain Yossarian, serves in the USAF during the Italian campaign. After he loses his colleague in the crew, he makes all possible attempts to leave the war. The surest way to achieve this is to get a certificate with a diagnosis of “crazy”.

However, in reality this cannot be done, since the so-called Dodge-22 operates in the army: everyone who is declared insane in order to free himself from military duties, thus prove his sanity and falsehood of diagnosis.

Hugh Laurie, Christopher Abbott, Kyle Chandler and Martin Delaney are also on the set.

The release of the series on a wide screen will take place on May 17th.