At the church where Chris Pratt goes, the door is open to everyone. That is what the actor knows after a comment from colleague Ellen Page. The Juno actress called the Hillsong church last week in a tweet “notorious anti-lhbtq”.

“I believe everyone can love whoever he wants”

“Recently it was suggested that I belong to a church that hates a certain group of people,” Chris wrote in an Instagram Story. “Nothing is further from the truth.” The actor says that he knows from his own experience.

“In spite of what the Bible says about separation, my church community was always there for me when I went through it, never with judgment, always with support, and I have seen them do so innumerable often in others, regardless of race, faith or gender. “

The Jurassic World star also said: “My religion is important to me but the church is not who I am or how I live.” I am not a spokesman for any church or group of people, my standards and values ​​determine who I am. We have to work towards a world with less hatred, no more, I believe everyone can love whom he wants. “