Footage from The Suicide Squad leaked on the canvas and some character names were revealed.

The filming of The Suicide Squad began and first images appeared on the web. We discover part of the actors in costumes, which would give clues to the characters they embody.

Nathan Fillion, Pete Davidson, Flula Borg, Mayling Ng and Sean Gunn are present on these images. For the moment, their roles have not been formalized but Fillion would be Arm-Fall-Off-Boy, Davidson would be Savant, Borg would incarnate Javelin and Mayling Ng would be Mongal.

We can also see that Sean Gunn is wearing a motion capture costume, implying that his character will be in CGI. Rumor has it that it will be Weasel but it’s not confirmed. Jai Courtney aka Boomerang is also in the photos.

Joel Kinnaman (Rick Flag) Viola Davis (Amanda Waller) and Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn) will be back for this new movie that will not be a continuation of the film released in 016 but a semi-reboot.