The actress, who always criticizes social networks, does not rule out having her own profile on that platform …

Jennifer Aniston has always criticized social networks, and recently said in an interview that these tools should not be allowed for children and adolescents.

But now Jennifer does not rule out opening her own Instagram profile to get closer to her fans.

The 50-year-old actress confesses that she has not yet fully embraced the world of social networks, but has admitted that she can understand why celebrities decide to use the platforms to interact with their followers.

When the Entertainment Tonight program asked him if he will open his account on that platform, Aniston said for the first time:

“Perhaps. You never know … What you resist persists. It is something that is part of our world now and will not disappear, ”he justifies.

Aniston said it is her friend Reese Witherspoon who has been promoting the tool well, and according to the actress, Reese has presented ‘some good arguments for’ joining the social networking site and has made the perspective ‘seem intriguing’.

“You can really have a little more control over the narrative that exists. [You can] correct some mistakes and some silly things that, God knows, are often said, ”he explains.

Jennifer Aniston said she was recently surprised by the phenomenon of her Friends series, and that social networks would be a way to get in touch with this new generation that is consuming the program.

“It is a phenomenon that surprises me. Having a whole new generation of children enjoying the show as much as the day it was first broadcast is amazing. I want to know what people like, because there was nothing like that before. ”