A five-meter sculpture of the singer has been installed in a Moscow park. Fans can post messages. 

No one in 2017 will have escaped Ed Sheeran and his serenade Shape of You . The British star complimented his dulcinea on “his forms”, which he said “in love”. Now it’s time for Muscovites to fall in love with the shapes of his statue. 

As Billboard reports , a sculpture representing the singer was unveiled at Gorky Park in the Russian capital. A five-meter Ed Sheeran stretched out to the side, dressed in a white t-shirt, red shorts and a pair of socks. 

According to the American media, the music streaming platform Yandex Music has installed this statue. The Russian company encourages fans to post messages about the sculpture and post photos on social media, along with the dedicated hashtag #HiEd.

The Huffington Post reports that the statue would promote a collaboration between Yandex Music and the Russian branch of Warner Music. Ed Sheeran is scheduled to perform in Moscow on Friday as part of his Divide Tour.