To accompany the launch of the Stargate series: Origins, MGM has decided to put on YouTube the entirety of the very first film of the saga, Stargate, the door of the stars.

This week, for the 20 years of the Stargate franchise MGM has begun broadcasting the Stargate series : Origins. Composed of 10 episodes of 10 minutes, this one is interested in the discovery of the Porte des ├ętoiles by Catherine Langford and her father in Egypt. It will be appreciated that the streaming platform dedicated to its broadcast and the rest of the license, Stargate Command , finally seems to work at home and therefore offers the first 3 episodes (free, but only in English). But that’s not all Stargate fans will be able to enjoy today.

The beautiful gesture (and the promotion)

Indeed, the first film that launched everything in 1994, Stargate, the stargate, is now available in full and free on YouTube. Directed and co-written by Roland Emmerich, this feature film with significant commercial success will inspire the series of events that the franchise will experience, starting with the Stargate SG-1 series. Worn especially by Kurt Russell (Colonel O’Neil) and James Spader (Daniel Jackson), this first film may have aged a bit, but remains cult.

Of course the film is in English and do not forget that you can activate the subtitles (also in English or with automatic translation if you are an adventurer) from the YouTube player at the bottom right.

Stargate, the door of the stars