Courtney Cox, the star of the TV series Friends and the City of Predators, suddenly decided to give a very frank interview in which, in particular, she admitted that she lost her innocence much later than her peers. And thanks to the intervention of her mother, who “blessed” her for the “next step” with her boyfriend.

The 54-year-old actress recently visited the James Corden show and on the occasion of Valentine’s Day she shared with the fans spicy details of her personal life:

“I guess I shouldn’t talk about it, but I kept my virginity until I was 21. And proud of it. For a long time I met one guy, and somehow my mother said that she thinks he is the one who needs it. ”

“She bought me underwear to make me feel feminine. I remember it was called Olga and it was all in lace. But in any case it turned out to be better than what was then on me, ”said Courtney. The presenter was impatient to find out if she had put on that lace underwear for the first time, to which Cox answered in the affirmative.

It seems that chastity is the main “trick” of the actresses from the series “Friends”. Liza Kudrow once admitted that she lost her virginity on the wedding night, at that time the actress was 31 years old. In order for the theory to be confirmed, it remains to wait until Jennifer Aniston reveals his story about the “first time” to the world.