What will the Snow Queen 2 be released in December 2019 at the cinema? Kristen Bell, Anna’s original voice, gave some clues about this long-awaited sequel.

It will be necessary to be patient before discovering The Frozen 2 in the cinema, since the exit of this suite is expected in December 2019 in all the dark rooms. Fortunately, we can count on Kristen Bell (the interpreter of Anna in VO) to help us wait. Indeed, the actress – who has already recorded her dialogues, took advantage of an interview with Cinemablend to unveil some details on this second adventure.

Norway in the spotlight

The incomparable Veronica Mars has obviously not been able to say too much as the production remains secret, but she nevertheless confided that Norway will have a very important role in the new story: “I had a very long discussion with Jen Lee, the director, and I’m very excited about it. The entire team just returned from a trip to Norway and they totally embraced this culture to give birth to a huge movie for the family. They took a lot of things and started thinking ‘What story is worth telling?’ And Jen Lee is a genius. She slipped into the characters’ skin for months to imagine what they would think. She’s like, ‘What do you want to tell?’ and then she slips into the skin of Elsa, Anna and writes a lot of things. 

New heroes

Moreover, while the actress promised: ” There will be new characters for whom you will fall in love.This is something I can tell you with certainty “, she also assured to have participated in the development of her character: ” With Jen Lee we met and she asked ‘From you, without any context, what does Anna’s life look like today? ‘” We do not know what Kristen Bell said but we can not wait to discover it in theaters.