This is the great unpacking for Anna Faris! A few weeks after the announcement of her divorce, the actress notably known for the saga Scary Movie released a book called Unqualified. To believe that the timing is pretty good: it tells a lot of secrets about his personal life, breaks taboos and exposes his love life in a new way. What opening him the doors of the biggest TV trays, where she speaks, more than two months after its shock separation from Chris Pratt.

In Unqualified, she talks about the rumors of her husband’s infidelity, father of her son Jack (age 4), with Jennifer Lawrence – his partner in passengers. “Even before they meet in person, my agent, out of nowhere, takes me aside and says’ Anna, listen, there will be paparazzi around them, there will be pictures of them They’re getting married on the set, there’s going to be stories going on and you’re going to have to get ready for that, “says Anna Faris, who has since found love again .

At the time, the young woman does not take this warning too seriously, saying she does not think it could ” annoy her “. ” I’m in the middle for a while and I have Chris alongside other great women like Aubrey Plaza and Bryce Dallas Howard, ” she tries to convince herself. Revealing to befriend with Jennifer Lawrence, Anna Faris will, however, suffer from these rumors and gossip, even if the star of Hunger Games has nothing to do with it. “Jennifer and I are friends, and she was confused even though she should not have been because she did not do anything wrong. It’s great, but of course, it’s painful and embarrassing when people say your husband is cheating on you, even if it’s clearly wrong. You always feel foolish, “says Anna Faris in her book, where she also talks about cosmetic surgery, her” crazy masturbation phase “and where she gives the list of people she has slept with.