The causes of death are not yet known, but fans fear a suicide Star

The star of K-Pop Goo Hara, a former KARA group member, was found dead Sunday at her home in Seoul , South Korea , local police said. She was 28 years old. The causes of death are not yet known, the investigation is underway, but many fans fear suicide. Indeed, the singer had made an attempt last March, after his ex-boyfriend blackmailed him, threatening to physically attack her and put online sextape.

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An idol committed suicide in October

From 2008 to 2015, Goo Hara was part of the KARA girls band, before embarking on a successful solo career, with several singles as well as small and big screen roles. But the star also made news for her private life, whether blackmail, then the conviction of her ex-boyfriend, but also the suicide of another idol, Sulli , which she was very close.

In recent years, the K-Pop industry has been hit by scandals and news stories, between suicides, depressions and cyberspell, revealing a toxic environment behind the glamor of its stars and their songs.