Together with the supermodel, Justice League star Dian Lane and actress Piper Perabo, who became famous for the role of Jersey in the movie The Ugly Coyote Bar, became famous behind bars.

Inspired by young eco-activist Greta Tunberg and 81-year-old Jane Fonda, who continues to take part in weekly strikes against environmental pollution, more and more celebrities are taking part in environmental campaigns. This Friday, dozens of caring people came out to the walls of the US Congress along with the Foundation. Among them, a supermodel of the 90s, Amber Valletta and actress Dian Lane and Piper Perabo.

This week, a demonstration was dedicated to firefighting exercises that use tons of fresh water.

Water is life. However, due to climate change, billions of people lack clean, safe water. If we do not act, more than 5 billion people may face serious water shortages. And this, in turn, will lead to unprecedented mass migration. Now everything depends on us, -the picket of Jane Fonda began.

This time, the 81-year-old actress managed to avoid an arrest that would threaten her with a long stay in prison. But Valletta, Lane and Perabo were taken to the local police station. Handcuffed, they left the rally, chanting: “Show yourself for the sake of the climate!”