The singer was very disappointed in her father’s dad – she broke up with her partner because Liam spent little time with the family and did not care about their son.

Cheryl Cole in July, not long after their sons, Bear’s first birthday gave off his partner, Liam Payne, but did not ease the break-up. His friends say the singer is sad and lonely; it is difficult to bear the fate of single mothers. An insider recently said to Mirror that common father-to-child education between father and mother is not easy, as Liam is on his way to building his solo career.

His friends know that running on his backbone has been very sensitive to Cheryl, who would never have thought that he would once be a single mother

– said the source mentioned above.

Some people also know that the singer and baby are about to take their tents and move out of the common family nest in Surrey where Liam was still alive. In the case, Mirror contacted Cheryl’s press officer, but the singer did not want to comment on the rumors.