After collaborating on “Felicity” and “Mission: Impossible III,” JJ Abrams offered a role to Keri Russell in “Star Wars, Episode IX:  The Rise Of Skywalker.” The actress recently hinted that emotion will be at the rendezvous in this conclusion expected in December, in which she embodies a mysterious thief.

Many revelations are expected in  Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker , conclusion of the new trilogy initiated in 2015 with  Star Wars, episode VII: The Awakening of the Force . Whether the true identity of Rey, the trajectory taken by Kylo Ren or the fate of Princess Leïa, the questions left unanswered announce a conclusion rich in surprises. For the moment, the secrets of the plot are carefully guarded, despite the release of a first trailer . According to one of the actresses in this ninth installment, JJ Abrams did not skimp on emotion for this grand finale.

Close collaborator of the filmmaker, including the series  Felicity  and  Mission: Impossible III , Keri Russell joined the cast of the new Star Wars trilogy  for the ninth episode. The star of  The Americans  promises a poignant conclusion, up to the expectations of fans. The actress could not help but let out a tear as she read the script , as she explained to the Associated Press  :

When I read the script, I cried. Who knows what the film will be on arrival, but I hope it will be true to what JJ Abrams wanted. He does not try to twist the film so that it becomes something else. He really respects it.

Who is Zorri Bliss, the character played by Keri Russell?

According to information from  Vanity Fair ,  which recently granted a long record in  The Rise Of Skywalker,  Zorri Bliss is a masked thief , whose look was unveiled with a photograph of Annie Leibovitz:

A costume and a mask that are not unlike those of Boba Fett , the famous bounty hunter of the original Star Wars trilogy  . For now, nothing says if Zorri Bliss will lend a hand to Rey, Finn and Poe Dameron, or if it will serve, conversely, the interests of the First Order. The mysterious thief should have any nice moments in  The Rise Of Skywalker , eagerly awaited for December 18 at the cinema .