Queen Elizabeth surrendered on Sunday to a rare moment of emotion in public on the day of tribute to the dead of the Great War. 

The British commemorated Sunday, November 10 the dead of the First World War. And witnessed a rare moment of emotion from Queen Elizabeth II. In one of many dailies this Monday morning, tabloids like the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror , very serious Guardian and Times , the 93-year-old sovereign appears, all dressed in black, wiping a tear. 

It is very rare that the queen indulges in such a demonstration, she who has adopted the motto of her grandmother, Queen Victoria, “Never complain, nerver explain”. We must go back to 1997 and the disarmament of Britannia, her royal yacht, to find images of the Queen moved. 

Flanked by Camilla and Kate

The ceremony of November 10, punctuated by two minutes of silence, marked the 100 years of the first minute of silence, observed in memory of the dead of the War of 14-18.

The queen attended, flanked by her daughter-in-law Camilla Parker-Bowles and Kate Middleton, from a balcony, facing the cenotaph where princes Charles, William and Harry in military uniform, laid wreaths of poppies. This flower symbolizes across the Channel the memory of those who died in battle during the Great War.

Meghan Markle was on the neighboring balcony between a son-in-law and a daughter-in-law: Tim Laurence, second husband of Princess Anne, and Sophie de Wessex, wife of Prince Edward. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labor Party were also present, surrounded by thousands of veterans gathered for the occasion.