It was called “the biggest event in internet history”: the second boxing fight between YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI. The battle between the American Paul and the British KSI, both of which have around 20 million followers, ended on Saturday with a victory for KSI.

The previous fight ended in a tie, so KSI decided to cross the Atlantic and box with his rival Paul in his home country. In the end the Briton won, because Paul was awarded two points by the jury. According to them, Logan would have hit his opponent twice, while the referee had whistled.

Remarkably, the English victory cheered the American public. Logan Paul received some support from his friend Justin Bieber, because the Canadian singer came to encourage the YouTuber.
Whether they want to step into the ring against each other a third time is not clear.¬†KSI said he was “done” with boxing, but Logan called the fighting “the best moments of his life.”

Justin Bieber came to encourage Logan Paul