Through her lawyer, Stephanie Clifford, who worked in the porn industry under the alias of Stormy Daniels, served this Monday to clan Donald Trump, who would have paid him $ 130,000 in 2016 for her to close an affair. passed with the current US president, that she wanted to return the full amount. In exchange for this transfer, she claims to be able to speak freely. 

This is a case that sticks to the skin of the President of the United States. And she seems on the verge of moving to another stage of her development, decisive this time around, reports the New York Times . On Monday, Stephanie Clifford, a former pornographic actress who then bore the pseudonym Stormy Daniels for his filming, proposed, through a letter from his lawyer to that of Donald Trump, to make the $ 130,000 that the Council of President of the United States United had paid him in October 2016.

If Camp Trump gets his money back, Stephanie Clifford would get a double right, that is, in the words of the lawyer, to “speak openly and freely about his former relationship with the President and attempts to silence her and to use and post any text messages, photos and / or videos relating to the President that she may have in her possession, all without fear of punishment and or legal action for damages “.

In addition, neither the boss of the US executive, nor one of his companies, could lead any attempt to censor the interview recorded last week for the American 60 Minutes. 

A tough choice 

In the text detailing his offer, Michael Avenatti is very careful to specify that it requires the signatures of “all parties”, “including Donald Trump”. 


The purpose of this sum was to buy the silence of Stephanie Clifford about a link, which would have occurred between 2006 and 2007 and some details have already filtered into the press, with Donald Trump. In exchange for the return of this money, the former mistress of the current President of the United States demands to be released from her initial commitment.