It will take another two weeks to learn more about the next mobile Nokia. HMD Global has announced that it will present its new smartphone, soberly named Nokia X, May 16 in China.

At the same time as the OnePlus 6

At first, the observers thought that this new model would be presented on April 27th. Many pictures of the Nokia X have already been unveiled, it was expected indeed that the brand discloses more information quickly.

However, it is on May 16th that the public will be able to learn more about this new mobile. A date that some have already checked since it is also that day that OnePlus will unveil to the world its new smartphone, the OnePlus 6 .

However, Nokia has already partially introduced the Nokia X , in China, via a recent multi-day event. It was then possible to take the smartphone in his hands and even make several shots via the camera. Note however that Nokia had taken care to block access to the interface of exposure models so that no one can know the different features of the software.



Which technical sheet?

If we believe the various rumors, the Nokia X will be equipped with a 5.8-inch screen (Full HD +?) Accompanied by a notch, but also a rear fingerprint reader and a dual device Photo. As for the chips, we evoke two different versions: Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 or MediaTek P60. Regarding the price, no information has leaked and it is now necessary to wait to know which clientele the smartphone wants to target.