The next patches of God of War will be used to refine and enrich a little more the gaming experience already high quality.

Available for only a few days, God of War has been a resounding critical and commercial success. This is of course due to the undeniable quality of the game itself, but also to the cleanliness of its launch, where only a few minor problems were noted. It is also because of these that Santa Monica Studio has already proposed many small patches to refine its title, which will improve a little in the coming weeks.

Improvements and photo mode on the menu

Indeed, in a ticket the studio details without specifying the order of arrival which will land in the next patches. First there will be a photo mode, which players are likely to make good use as the game is beautiful. Then, a new option to increase the size of the text in the menus and subtitles will be there and will undoubtedly do a better job than one of the previous patches that already promised that without any real improvement in the end.

Always side improvements, God of War will soon propose to change the controls mode rage, as it already offers for the rest of the controls that by default may not be to everyone’s taste. Finally, in addition to fixing a few rare crashes and bugs, Santa Monica Studio will look into a bug where selecting “New Game” from the main menu without leaving the game beforehand can cause problems (missing dialogs, blocking progress … ).

What future for God of War?

While waiting for more communications on possible DLC, remember that the plan of the studio is to propose 5 games God of War .