CW has just released an excerpt of the 7th season of Green Arrow. Oliver finds himself surrounded by his worst enemies while a new Green Arrow appears in Star City.


CW television has just released a new trailer for Arrow’s new season. In the trailer, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) is imprisoned in the Slabside High-Security Prison. Inside, many supervillains, sent by the green archer, will have an opportunity to take revenge on the multimillionaire. Oliver must survive in a hostile environment.

When a Green Arrow replaces another


Outside, the Arrow team is facing a new problem. And for good reason, a team of villains, consisting of Kodiac (Michael Jonsson), Red Dart (Holly Elissa) and The Silencer (Miranda Edwards) arrives in Star City to cause trouble. Only, an event never arriving alone, an unexpected Green Arrow makes its appearance in the trailer. Same gesture, same attitude, this Green Arrow 2.0 will try to fight the evil trio. And Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) is formal in her words: ” We can tell you 100% that this man is not Oliver Queen,  it’s someone new”. Beginning of hostilities on October 15th.